Dr Steven Chu and Chevrolet Volt's first battery pack

Dr Steven Chu and Chevrolet Volt's first battery pack

Dr. Steven Chu, former US Secretary of Energy and Nobel Laureate, recently joined the Board of Directors at Amprius.

Amprius is developing and currently sampling high capacity lithium-ion batteriy silicon anodes, which together with Li-S batteries are one of the two most likely next-generation battery technologies

Chu's presence gives credence to the company, so the is hope that it will not collapse like Envia did.

Dr. Steven Chu stated:

“Higher-energy and longer-lasting batteries are in high demand for numerous applications, from consumer electronics to electric transportation. Amprius has exciting technology and strong scientific and commercial leadership. I look forward to advising Amprius’ development of silicon-based anodes, advanced cathodes, and next-generation batteries.”

Earlier this month Amprius secured $30 million funding.

Amprius CEO Kang Sun commented:

“Amprius is currently sampling and selling high-energy density batteries. We are delighted that former Energy Secretary Steven Chu is joining Amprius’ Board of Directors. Dr. Chu is a world-renowned scientist and leader whose ideas and experience will help Amprius accelerate the development of even higher-energy batteries.”

Dr. Yi Cui, Amprius Co-Founder, Board Member, and Stanford University Professor, remarked:

"Dr. Chu will bring incredible intellectual horsepower, vision, and experience to Amprius. I am thrilled to have him on board."

We too are thrilled to see Dr. Chu back in action.

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