"The Tesla S takes off like a rocket. It's so much fun to drive and ride as a passenger. We aren't going that fast with the kiddos but it's like a roller coaster ride for them. Since there isn't a loud rumbling engine, it feels like a free-fall ride when you take off."

That's the description that goes with the video you'll find linked below.

It's perhaps the cutest Tesla Model S video you'll ever see.

"Takes off like a rocket." 

That's a phrase that you won't find linked to most EVs.  Then again, the Model S isn't like most EVs.  It's a whole different animal in a class all to itself.

Hat tip Brian Ro via Chevy Volt Owners Facebook group!!!

Embedding of this video has been "disabled by request."  So, you'll have to follow this link to watch it.

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