An app called Life360 is being integrated into the BMW i3s' iDrive system.

BMW i3 w/ Alex Caro - CTO/ Life360

BMW i3 w/ Alex Caro - CTO/ Life360

This app makes life easier by allowing one to keep track of and communicate with family members and by allowing the user to set a destination and or to enter a meet-up location.

Over 30 million families are currently using the Life360 app.

The app gives people the option to create family circles, which allows you to see their faces and their location. InĀ order for the app to work, all family members in that circle have to have the app installed.

The BMW i3 becomes the first vehicle to incorporate the Life360 app.

Alex Caro, CTO of Life360, stated in the BMW i3 video on using Life360:

"Life360 is an app for families that lets you see where everyone is. Communicate and coordinate throughout the day be able to figure out where you are going have dinner and get there. So with BMW we partnered up so you can get into your BMW car and just say drive to where my wife is, and takes you right there."

Source: Mashable

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