"What's up guys & welcome to episode 5 of GT6 Let's Drift. This time I drift a very unexpected car, the all electric but very cool Tesla Model S at Fuji & Laguna Seca."

Some Sideways Action

Some Sideways Action

Video gamers and Model S fans will appreciate the inclusion of Tesla's electric sedan in what's perhaps the greatest racing series of all time for the Playstation system.

Maybe drifting isn't the Model S' finest attribute, but as we know, GT6 prides itself on accuracy, so we suspect that Model S owners will find the vehicle capable of some crazy tail-out action, provided that the traction control is disabled and you're okay with burning through $1,000-plus in rubber.

On second thought, why not just pick up a copy of GT6 and test it out in the virtual world.  It's way cheaper and certainly safer.

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