First Tesla Model S Arrived In China In October (via Sina Weibo)

First Tesla Model S Arrived In China In October (via Sina Weibo)

With the Tesla Model S set to launch in China within a few months, Tesla Motors is beginning to detail what's in store for the Chinese Model S buyer.

According to Tesla, a free Supercharger network is planned for China, though specific details are lacking at this time.

Tesla does say that it's in the process of ensuring that it can install the Superchargers in China, but the automaker is not yet sure when the first ones will be in the ground.

Diarmuid O'Connell, Tesla's vice president of corporate and business development, stated:

"We're beginning to speak with the folks that we need to speak with."

"Every market has its peculiarities...We have a lot of experience with the heterogeneity of the problem."

Tesla currently has a showroom and service center in Beijing.  Next in the plans is for Shanghai to get a showroom and service center.  Beyond that, Tesla hopes to "get broad distribution" in China, says O'Connell.

As to China's desire to have a strong home market manufacturing and selling EVs,  Mr. O'Connell says Tesla is no threat to that deam.

"I completely respect the desire of the national, provincial and city governments to support local manufacturers and to get a domestic industry going and if that's in EVs then all the better."

Finally, O'Connell says there's been "tremendous" response in China from a "progressive cadre of folks who are making reservations sight unseen, pricing unknown."

Source: Wall Street Journal - hat tip to Ocean Railroader

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