New Jersey is the latest state to ban Tesla from selling directly to consumers in stores.  New Jersey's Tesla stores will soon become galleries after April 1st 2014.

Tesla Store

Tesla Store

Staff there can answer any questions regarding Tesla vehicles, but can not discuss price or complete a sale.

This ban only effects sales. Service stations will still be available for Tesla owners.

However, anyone in the USA can purchase a Tesla Vehicle via phone or online and even those New Jersey residents are able to go across the river to purchase a Tesla vehicle in the Manhattan or King of Prussia store.

So, it's not like Tesla's loss in New Jersey is a deal killer.

Other states in the US have similar restrictions on Tesla.  Rather than do a rundown of where Tesla can/can't sell its vehicles, we figured this interactive map put forth by Automotive News tells the tale of Tesla's state-by-state situation rather well.

The only unfortunate part is that Automotive News is subscription only, meaning that to access the interactive version of this map you'll have to follow the link below and subscribe.  However, even without a subscription one can easily see where Tesla stores are located and where Tesla can/can't conduct its direct sales model.

*Note: Map is a couple weeks old, so New Jersey is not listed as "banned" yet.

Source: Automotive News

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