Those pesky emissions regulations are forcing us to develop a plug-in hybrid.



That's basically what Rolls-Royce is saying here.

Rolls-Royce boss Torsten Müller-Otvos made this statement in regards to PHEVs to Auto Express at the Geneva Motor Show:

“It will be essential in two years, maybe not from customer demand but through legal regulation on emissions.”

Now that's commitment to electrification...or not.

Auto Express prodded the Rolls-Royce boss about the pure electric 100EX Phantom the automaker had displayed in the past.  Here's the response:

"We showed that car to around 100 customers around world, and the reaction we got was ambivalent.  A Rolls-Royce cannot come with any kind of compromise, and both the recharging times and the range were not acceptable for our buyers – but with hybrid technology that is no longer a problem.”

Where will that plug-in hybrid technology come from?  BMW...of course.  (Rolls-Royce resides under the BMW Group, so using the German automaker's tech is will keep Rolls-Royce's costs in check).

Source: Auto Express

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