Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault announced that will add a new offer called Z.E. Access for ZOE.   Access is designed for drivers that do not exceed 5,000 km a year (~3,100 miles).

The difference from the standard offer of Z.E. Flex, which limits drivers to 12,500 km a year, is in the price of battery rental.

If people drive less, then the battery should last longer and this is the thinking behind Renault's new program.

Z.E. Access will cost €49 a month (battery rental) for a minimum commitment of 36 months, where Z.E. Flex costs €79 a month for the same three years.

"With Z.E. Access, Renault now proposes a battery rental offer adapted to the needs of customers driving under 5,000 km a year. Reserved for private customers buying a new ZOE, the offer starts at €49 a month for a minimum commitment of 36 months. Mileage is capped at 1,250 km per quarter."

Z.E. Access is particularly adapted to customers who drive short distances every day, corresponding to an average daily commute of 20 km, or 400 km a month. The new offer adds to the Z.E. Flex offer available since the launch of Renault ZOE and starting at €79 a month for three years with a mileage limit of 12,500 km a year."

Will this help to increase sales? Pay 38% less for 60% lower mileage?

Maybe sales will increase a little bit with this new offer.  However, Renault seems to still be deaf to the concept of selling the car with the batteries.

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