Chevy Spark EV

Chevy Spark EV

The opening of Car and Driver's 8-page, 6 electric vehicle comparison starts with all the typical hyperbole we've come to expect from the major magazines when it comes to coverage of EVs not called Tesla, so you might to skip straight to Page 2 where the vehicles are discussed.

We won't spoil all the details.  Instead, we'll point out that the Chevy Spark EV won the 6-way comparo, convincing Car and Driver to state this of Chevy's pint-sized electric:

"Here’s a car that puts it all together. It’s a total effort, a studied application of brainpower and enthusiasm that embraces the electric mandate with gusto and without a whiff of the-government-made-us reluctance. And this from none other than GM, the company that sued California over the EV mandate; that forever bears the mark of Cain for killing off its own pioneering electric, the EV1."

Car and Driver's Final Results Scorecard - <a href=Full Article Here" draggable="false">

Car and Driver's Final Results Scorecard - Full Article Here

Source: Car and Driver

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