With the largest auto show in the world happening this week in Detroit (2014 NAIAS), all the major automakers have brought not only their best cars, but also their senior executives...as well as their "silk aerialists" in some cases.

The Electric Car Business Is Going To Be

The Electric Car Business Is Going To Be "This" Big...

For Nissan North America, this was an opportunity to get their high profile CEO Carlos Ghosn in front of the camera and talk about "how things are going for North America" and what the future holds for the world's 6th largest auto maker.

For the most part, the interview is touting their US and worldwide growth (from 3.5 million cars to 5.2 million over the past couple years), and talking about their gas burning vehicles - which we don't care a heck of a lot about.

What we do care about though is new technology and electric vehicles - the latter of which the Nissan CEO says will be the bulk of the car industry in the future.

So if you are watching the video, or just about to - skip to the 2:09 mark to hear Ghosn's comments about the future of the electrification of the automobile:

Ghosn: "The number of electric cars sold in the world is going to go up, without any doubt. Obviously the sales of the LEAF will continue to grow in the U.S. and outside the U.S. There will be a lot of newcomers to electric cars, so I think that with the development of the charging infrastructure, you are going to see a pick up – a gradual pick up in the sales of electric cars.

I have no doubt on the fact that electric cars are here to stay. They are going to represent the major element of the car industry. The only thing, which is unknown, is at what speed it will take place. "

He also touches on autonomous driving, which although is not specifically an 'electric vehicle topic,' is still widely considered to be the platform on which Nissan will apply the new technology:

"Autonomous vehicles, or self-driving vehicles, also are an important part of the future. We are investing a lot and we will be mass marketing this product in 2020 at least in selected markets. We believe a lot in the potential of this technology, and I believe many carmakers will come practically at the same moment with their own offer."

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