BMW i3 E Drive Logo

BMW i3 E Drive Logo

BMW Blog is reporting that the rumored BMW i5 will debut in 2015.

"BMW i5 will debut in 2015."

Says BMW Blog.

Think of the i5 as a BMW i3 with four real doors, seating for 5 and more cargo space.

We're certain that the i5 will bare almost no resemblance to the i3 in terms of external appearance.

However, it's likely that the i5 will featured the same CFRP as the i3 and perhaps even be powered by the i3's electric motor.

We certainly hope BMW fits the i5 with a battery pack that has substantially more capacity than the unit found in the i3.

If BMW could make an i5 with a range if over 100 miles, then there's no doubt it would be a success.  If range is less than 100 miles, then it's likely destined to fail from the get go.

Though it may debut in 2015, we don't expect the i5 to go on sale until 2016 or 2017.  Right around the same time Tesla's Gen III launches.

See Autobild's interpretation of the i5 below:

<a title=Autobild i5 Rendering" draggable="false">

Autobild i5 Rendering

Source: BMW Blog

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