...and Fully Charged now has more of this...

...and Fully Charged now has more of this...

In the second episode of Fully Charged, Robert Llewellyn gets the chance to test out the electric Land Rover Defender.

The red one to be accurate, because Land Rover built a few different versions over the last couple of years. One one them Land Rovers thinks it is a train in Eden.

"A sunny drive in this ultimate off-road legend, the Land Rover Defender, 100% electric and impressively robust.

This is an experimental vehicle, not for sale.... yet. But clearly Land Rover are thinking about electric versions of their iconic vehicles."

Land Rover Defender EV has just 70 kW of power, but torque reaches 330 Nm. Land Rover stated in 2013 that the 27 kWh battery pack is enough for about 8 hours of driving in rough terrain (at low speeds, of course).


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