VTRUX VAN With Fancy New Option

VTRUX VAN With Fancy New Option

Thanks to a little snafu getting access to GM's latest Silverado to convert into 40 mile extended range truck (a change in chassis delayed VIA's launch by 12 months), VIA Motors instead launched an extended range Chevy Express conversion in its place - the VTRUX Van.

VIA Power Export Plug Configuration

VIA Power Export Plug Configuration

That vehicle entered production last November at the company's assembly facility in Mexico - a plant capable of putting out about 2 conversions every hour.

To augment the van, VIA has just announced the “Express Access” side door panel option - which sounds a lot like something PG & E or Consumers Energy perhaps has requested as part of their fleet order, that VIA has chosen to make widely available.

This option allows access to tools and cargo on both side of the van via remote control.  Another companion option (shown behind the windows) are specially developed rack shelves for use in conjunction with the "Express Access" feature.

“This versatile option provides easy stand up access to cargo from the outside. It’s like getting the convenience of a full size walk-in van, in a more economical low profile van, with incredible fuel economy,” said Mark Burdge, V.P. Sales for VIA Motors. “Our fleet customers love the flexibility this configuration offers. In addition, specialty tool and cargo racks designed for many applications from Adrian Steel provide easy access.”

VIA's media release explains the option further:

Each of the three side doors can be opened easily from a distance using the key remote. A bench seat can be added to accommodate a crew of five and cargo. LED lights under each door panel provide light for cargo and tools at night.

As for cost? The “Express Access” option has an MSRP of only $1,500.

The VTRUX van has an all electric range of 35 miles and a extended range of 400 miles.  For more info on the van and its abilities check out this PDF from the company.

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