With the polar vortex that recently hit most of the US with a blast of frigid air, a lot of hoopla was made over electric vehicle performance in sub-zero temps.

Sure, bitterly cold weather diminishes EV range, but few stories hit the Internet explaining the benefits of owning an EV when the mercury dips below zero.

Thanks the YouTube uploader Kman Auto, we see how the Tesla Model S fares in frigid temps (not from a range perspective, but from a pre-conditioning of the cabin viewpoint):

"Just hopping in my Model S at -30-32*F Outside. Boy oh Boy is it nice and warm inside. OVER 100*F WARMER inside the car then outside! -30 outside, 90*F Inside :)"

"No hassle starting the car, no dead lead acid batteries, Just hop in and GOOOOOoooooooo......."

As you'll see in the video, a nearby ICE vehicle had trouble with that ever-so important GOOOOOoooo part.

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