Monster Sport E-RUNNER in Gran Turismo 6

Monster Sport E-RUNNER in Gran Turismo 6

Thanks to the latest edition of Gran Turismo 6 released on PS3 in December, now players all over the world can try out the monstrous electric vehicle: E-RUNNER.

The cool thing is that Monster Sport E-RUNNER can race on mountain tracks, like Pikes Peak, for which E-RUNNER was created.  However, the Pikes Peak track seems different than in real life due to the lack of pavement (take a look in the video below).

A few more videos featuring E-RUNNER of GT6 can be found over the Internet.

We are curious if some InsideEVs readers already had a chance to test out E-RUNNER in GT6.  If so, then let us know what it's like to drive this monster in the virtual world.

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