This Tesla Adapter is One of Those

This Tesla Adapter is One of Those "Different Risks" That the NHTSA is Referring To

In the wake of the whole Tesla Model S charging adapter recall that wasn't really a recall, NHTSA deputy administrator David Friedman had a few comments to make.

When interviewed at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, Friedman commented:

“We believe they don’t pose any greater risks than gasoline-fueled vehicles."

“Do they pose different risks? Certainly."

“People aren’t used to the new challenges that electric vehicles pose.  We’re taking this issue seriously. We want to make sure electric vehicles are safe.”

His comments weren't directed at Tesla, but rather in response to a question posed on electric vehicle safety.  The question, however, stemmed from the Tesla Model S fires and the recent news of the charging adapter recall.

Notice that Friedman did not state that EVs pose less/more risk?  His words seem well scripted to us.

Source: Bloomberg

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