smart fortwo electric drive

smart fortwo electric drive

After posting on electric car sales in France in 2013, we decided to check on how some EV models are selling in comparison to ICE versions.

The results are very interesting.

Let's start with Renault Kangoo Z.E., which had 4,174 registrations in 2013. All Kangoos, regardless of drivetrain, had 34,960 registrations. This bring us to 11.9% market share! More than 1 out of 10 Kangoos sold in France is electric.

You think this is high?

Smart fortwo had 5,267 registrations for the year. The electric version had 478, which bring us to 9% market share. But 130 Electric Drives were sold in December out of a total of 698 Smart Fortwo.  That's 18.6% market share. This means that 1 out of 5 smart fortwos sold is electric.  And the latest result indicate huge growth compared to the average for all of last year.

Volkswagen e-up! in December recorded 40 units from 546, which is 7.3%.

Finally, we come to Renault ZOE. We don't have an ICE version to directly compare it to, but we can compare this particular model to new Renault Clio IV. For the year, we see 5,511 ZOE and 103,172 Clio IV. This is 5.3%.

Looking at it all in this way shows that EVs are doing rather well.  Someday soon we'll hopefully see a BEV model that exceeds 50% using this ICE sales comparison metric in France.

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