One "Smart Grid" Solution Is The Battery at the Demonstration Site for Japan-U.S. Island Grid Project in Hawaii

What drives electricity peaks in America?  Hint - it is not your local industry, but probably you.  The greatest variance of power usage comes from the residential sector.  (Check out this article on the subject for more details)

Now S&C, which is a provider of electric power systems founded out of Chicago, has put together a bullet point response to the ongoing increase in residential power usage with the advent of electric cars.

EVs and the power grids:

  • Utilities need to plan for the potential growth in peak demand should more people buy EVs.
  • Consumer expectations for electric service reliability will also grow significantly if they are relying on electricity to power their vehicles, in addition to other equipment in their homes.
  • To prepare their grids for more EVs on the road, utilities can adopt new smart grid solutions.
“Smart grid” is a broad term for the deployment of intelligent controls, software, communications and automation throughout utility power systems – from the meter at your home, to the power lines that carry electricity, to back-office computer systems at the utility.

Smart grid solutions provide the following benefits:

This A123 Grid Storage Solutions Shows What Can Be Done To Add Capacity In Areas That Need It In A Hurry

This A123 Grid Storage Solutions Shows What Can Be Done To Add Capacity In Areas That Need It In A Hurry

  • Effectively increase capacity with grid optimization technology that reduces the amount of electricity wasted on its way from the generating plant to the end user.
  • Integrate energy storage to support increased peak loads without adding additional and expensive generating capacity
  • Improve electric service reliability to ensure EV owners can count on having the energy--electricity--that they need to run their cars.  Self-healing smart grids will reroute power wherever possible around power system disturbances to reduce the scope and duration of power outages.

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