According to Business Car Manager, Renault expects to see significant growth in its electric vehicle sales in 2014.

Apparently, Renault Kangoo Z.E. is Best Suited to Delivering the Greens

Apparently, Renault Kangoo Z.E. is Best Suited to Delivering the Greens

Renault says that the general public is becoming more aware of EVs and, as such, expects sales to improve throughout the year.

However, it's not just sales to the public where Renault expects to see growth.

As Business Car Manager reports:

"SMEs (small and medium enterprises) in particular are getting switched-on to the many benefits of taking the Renault EV route, according to Renault."

Renault UK’s electric vehicle product manager Ben Fletcher says that businesses and consumers are attracted to the Renault way: selling the vehicle, but leasing the battery.

This idea likely makes sense for fleets, but consumers have voiced objections on several occasions to this lease-the-battery-pack program in use by Renault.

Quoting Fletcher:

“For an SME battery hire is a fixed monthly cost, much easier to budget – you are not at the beck and call of fuel price changes."

Business Car Manager states:

"Going electric particularly suits the kind of uses a van in the Kangoo’s sector is likely to be put to."

To which Fletcher adds:

“Typically they will be used by SMEs with a small fleet, based at a central depot, which do their delivery rounds during the day and return to the depot at night – that works really well for electric vehicles."

The problem is that Renault's battery leasing strategy has swayed potential consumers to look elsewhere.  On the fleet front though this leasing idea is appealing, so if Renault expects its EV sales to increase this year, then look for that bump to come from fleet purchase.

Soon, we think Renault will abandon battery leasing for private purchase.  Then, perhaps its EV sales will increase even more.

Source: Business Car Manager

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