Bob Lutz Approves Recargo PlugShare for use in VIA Motors

Bob Lutz Approves Recargo PlugShare for use in VIA Motors

VIA Motors' first announcement at the 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) was an agreement with Recargo to include PlugShare charging infrastructure information in VIA's in-dash application.

Recargo's PlugShare data base currently has listed over 28,000 charging points in North America, and 55,000 globally. Thanks to this cooperation, VIA owners will be able to locate the nearest charge stations not only using PlugShare website or apps on mobile devices, but also through VIA's in-Dash electric vehicle control system.

VIA President, Alan Perriton stated:

"Including comprehensive charge station information in VIA's electric vehicles will help our customers find a charge whenever and wherever they need one, which can improve vehicle efficiency and reduce emissions."

Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo commented:

"We are very pleased that VIA has selected PlugShare to be included in the VTRUX connected vehicle and iPad offerings. We look forward to working with VIA and providing their drivers with an integrated and informed EV experience."

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