ALD Automotive Launch Nissan LEAF Car Sharing Scheme in Spain

ALD Automotive Launch Nissan LEAF Car Sharing Scheme in Spain

Spain is one of the first countries in Europe where Nissan LEAF sales began. Despite this, electric mobility is growing there rather slowly. Less than 500 LEAFs were sold there to date.

Spain's leading electricity provider Endesa recently announced that in the past year it installed 253 new charging points. This is an increase of 42% to 853 total installed in three years.

"In 2013 Endesa installed 253 charging points across Spain, expanding its charging network in the country by 42%. Alongside its parent company Enel, Endesa remains firmly committed to promoting e-mobility as a key tool for tackling climate change. As a result, over the last three years Endesa installed 853 charging points for residential and corporate customers in Spain. Although most of the charging points have been addressed to corporate customers, residential installations have also been carried out, as part of the comprehensive service Endesa provides its customers with."

Endesa introduced an unusual product “Endesa End-to-end Charging Point Solution” to makes charging points more affordable:

"This is an all-inclusive service for Euro 1.85/day that offers cutting-edge charging technology for any electric vehicle, with maximum charging security, comfort and speed. This solution includesa certified charging point, professional installation, a full three-year guarantee, emergency repair service and assistance within three hours (for more information call 800 007 544 or visit as well as the advantage for customers to have the service cost charged in the their electricity bill."

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