Yesterday, we reported on North Carolina charging EV owners a $100 fee at registration time to make up for the state's lost gas tax revenue.  The fee gets put towards road maintenance.



Today, the state and amount of the fee changed, but the story is mostly the same.

In Colorado, owners of electric vehicles will have to pay a $50 annual fee, which will go mostly towards road maintenance.  ($20 of which will go to the state's Electric Vehicle Grant Fund)

Both Colorado and North Carolina join a steadily growing list of states that have opted to charge a nominal fee to EV owners in hopes of offsetting lost gas tax revenue.

The difference in Colorado (as compared to North Carolina) is that the state imposes this $50 fee on electric, alternative fuel and high-efficiency vehicles, so plug-in hybrids are included in Colorado, but are exempt from the $100 fee in North Carolina.

We expect most US states to follow the trend of imposing fees on BEV/PHEV owners.  The states that currently list annual fees for these types of vehicles include:

  • Colorado
  • Nebraska
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Washington
Look for that list of states to lengthen over time.

Source: Daily Caller

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