Airless tires are being displayed at the Geneva Motor Show by Bridgestone.

Airless Tire

Airless Tire

This is certainly not the first time we've seen airless tire tech and it definitely won't be the last.

Airless tire tech, once perfected, promises to reduce unsprung weight substantially.  This weight reduction, coupled with low-rolling resistance, will boost an EV's range ever so slightly.

However slight the bump is, it's still worth, especially for range-restricted EVs.

Airless tires have downsides though, such as their odd appearance and ride characteristics that vary depending on the temp of the materials within the tire.

These issues can surely be solved and Bridgestone knows that.

But as we stated in the title, if your goal is to show off your airless tire tech on the stage of the world's biggest auto show, then you need to be able to draw a crowd.

Bridgestone had no problem drawing in the crowd, most of whom later realized that it was a tire on display and not (wait a second, there's a tire and even an EV in that lead image?)...



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