Bolloré Bluecub carsharing service in Bordeaux

Bolloré Bluecub carsharing service in Bordeaux

On 9 January, the Bolloré Group officially launched its third carsharing scheme called Bluecub in Bordeaux, France. The French city is home to roughly 250,000 inhabitants.

The service is based on Paris' Autolib concept, just like BlueLy in Lyon. The same Bluecars with up to 250 km of range (~ 150 miles) are used, as are the same charging stations.

Bluecub begins with 90 cars and 40 charging stations on which users can start or end their share and 200 spots, but next year the program should reach 200 cars, 80 charging stations and 400 spots.

According to some media reports, the service is fully funded by Bolloré Group, which invested about €20M and will pay €230 for each space occupied annually to the city. At 400 spots, this pay out should be over €90,000.

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