2013 Nissan LEAF

2013 Nissan LEAF

In reporting December 2013 sales figures, Nissan posted this:

One Nissan LEAF city (US) gained almost 1,000 new LEAF owners in December.

Can you name that city?

To which the automaker later followed up with this:

The answer to today's question is... Atlanta.

Now that's a shocker.

Total US sales for the LEAF in December 2013 were 2,529 units.

Nissan doesn't provide a specific figures for LEAF sales in Atlanta.  Instead, the automaker says "almost 1,000," which we have to assume means over 900 units.  So, let's say that sales in Atlanta were between 901 and 999.  That means that more than one-third of all the LEAFs sold in the US in December were sold in one US city - Atlanta.

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