Nissan LEAF is Loved

Nissan LEAF is Loved

A few months have passed since the first "prototype" of the InsideEVs’ Pie Chart with Nissan LEAFs sales was launched.

Since then, Nissan passed the 100,000-unit LEAF sales mark in the second half of January.

Let's try to see how it looks now with data from December 2010 through January 2014.

Some data is still missing.  Other data is an approximation, but the general visualization should be closer to true image.

Total sales by the end of January in the U.S. were 44,295, which makes the US the largest LEAF market with 43% share. Canada counts for 921 LEAF sales and almost 1%.

Japan is the second largest market with 35,706 sales and 36% share.

Taking into consideration that at least several hundred units were sold in other places like Asia, Australia or even Africa, we see that LEAF sales in Europe still haven't reached 20,000 units. Our data indicates LEAF sales in Europe at 19,000-19,500, so expect that 20,000 LEAF sales in Europe press release to come soon now.

In Europe, the largest market is Norway - 43% of new LEAFs sold in Europe (almost 8,000 by the end of January). Adding used/imported, Norway must have more then half of all the LEAFs in Europe. Second is the UK, which is probably close to 3,500 LEAFs now. France with 12% has 2,166 and Germany 1,398. The Netherlands is approaching 1,000 units. Few other countries have 2% share or so and we are not sure of the data for other countries (11% share of total LEAF sales at best).

We try our best, but only in the US is it common for automaker to report monthly sales for all models.  Elsewhere around the globe, sales are often not reported at all or only reported quarterly/yearly, sort of like Tesla does in the US.

Nissan LEAF new registrations in Europe from January 2011 through January 2014

Nissan LEAF new registrations in Europe from January 2011 through January 2014

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