The Holden Volt and the Chevrolet Volt are identical, aside from some appearance differences.

Holden Volt

Holden Volt

So, why bring you a Holden Volt review?

Well, the Holden Volt is sold exclusively in Australia and it's not often we hear even a peep about the Volt from the Land Down Under.

Do Australians dig the Volt?

While most of the review discusses EV range, features, etc. (topics we're all well aware of in relation to the Volt), some of its focuses on aspects that are Australia-specific such as price - $59,990, beyond the means of most Australians - and sales - 101 Holden Volt sold in Australia in all of 2013.

Also of interest in Australian plug-in sales scene: the Nissan LEAF lead the way with 188 units sold, the Holden finished 2nd, and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV 3rd with 15 EVs sold.

The we arrive at the conclusion.  This "long-term" test drive was limited to only 1,000 km, but still the verdict is worth sharing:

Of the hybrid and electric vehicles that we have driven so far the Volt is the first one we'd actually consider buying. The performance from the electric motor is more than adequate and it actually handles quite well too, not to mention being whisper quiet, so quiet in fact that you don't hear it coming.

It functions perfectly well as a daily driver... A larger capacity battery would be icing on the cake but you can't have everything and at least there is no need to be concerned about running out of charge.

We'd seriously consider adding this one to the collection.

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