Nissan e-NV200 in British Gas Test Fleet

Nissan e-NV200 in British Gas Test Fleet

Will 2014 be the year that fleets around the globe start purchasing plug-in vehicles in volume?

e6 Mostly Only a Fleet Offering

e6 Mostly Only a Fleet Offering

The Procurement Leaders 2014 Trend Report suggests that 2014 will be a break-out year for EV purchases by fleets, so perhaps all this fleet trial stuff will come to an end.

According to Procurement Leaders, most fleets now fully understand the advantages of going electric.  The Trend Report suggests that the "sustainability agenda will be pushed close to the top of the corporate fleet managers agenda," but we seem to think that saving money will be the driving force behind fleets purchasing EVs.

Procurement Leaders states:

"Research from Alphabet found that the next three years will see the adoption of electric vehicles by businesses more than double, while in more general terms the research also found that 2014 will be the year that SMEs make sustainability a top priority."

"...this year will be the year that electric vehicles finally make an impact in the corporate sphere as total cost of ownership of these types of cars falls, a result of advancements in vehicle design and technology, and rising fossil fuel costs."

So, it's twofold according to the report.  Sustainability and cost of ownership will both contribute to increasing purchases of EVs by fleets.

Whatever the reason, we'll be thrilled to see EV adoption rise at the fleet level.

Source: Procurement Leaders

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