Aerodynamics Are Key to EV Efficiency, Says Renault

Aerodynamics Are Key to EV Efficiency, Says Renault

In the face of weaker sales, Renault is working overtime to try to increase sales of ZOE.

Finally, Renault has decided it's time to introduce a cable that can be connected to domestic wall socket for 3 kW charging (10 hours 0-100%) as standard equipment.

To date, Renault offered a cable just for charging from charging points and users were unable to charge at destination points where there wasn't a charging terminal.

Now, Renault added this thing, which has been standard in most U.S. plug ins for years.

The major new solution is the Flexi Charger, a cable that will come as standard with Renault ZOE and is flexible on two counts:

  • When connected to a reinforced Legrand Green’Up Access socket, this cable can be used to charge Renault ZOE at 14 amps, meaning that the car can be completely charged in about 10 hours. The Green’Up Access socket, which must be installed by an accredited professional, offers an alternative to the 3 kW Wallbox. This solution means that your vehicle’s battery is fully charged every morning. For installations, Renault recommends its partner Proxiserve, France’s leading residential service provider. Proxiserve proposes competitively-priced installation packs and commits to meetings its deadlines.
  • The other advantage of the Flexi Charger is that it can be used to plug Renault ZOE into a conventional 220V domestic socket (which must be earthed) for top-ups at 10 amps. Charging for 3 hours is enough to cover 25km. The Flexi Charger will also be available as an accessory for customers who already own a Renault ZOE for 590 € including taxes.

Starting March 4th (today), ZOE now comes as standard with:

Renault Zoe and Bollore Bluecar in France

Renault Zoe and Bollore Bluecar in France

  • The charging cable, compatible with public charging stations and Wallboxes,
  • the Flexi Charger and the Green’Up Access, excluding installation costs.

Sadly, current ZOE owners must pay €590 to purchase this cable.

Also new in 2014 is the 7 kW Wallbox, for customers who want to charge their car more quickly than with the Green’Up Access. This new Wallbox fully charges the car at 32 amps in about 4 hours.

Customers can now choose between the four following options as part of a Proxiserve installation pack:

  •  the Green’Up Access plug included in the price of Renault ZOE, excluding installation
  • the indoor Schneider Electric 3 kW Wallbox for €490 euros, including tax, excluding installation
  • the indoor Schneider Electric 7 kW Wallbox for €690 euros, including tax, excluding installation
  • the outdoor Hager 3 kW or 7 kW Wallbox for €690, excluding installation.

Proxiserve’s installation charges start at €300, depending on the configuration of the residence and the customer’s electric system.

There is a new charging wallbox, which at 7 kW costs €690 plus €300 for installation in France.

Zoe Gets a Charge

Zoe Gets a Charge

Renault is doing what it can to move more ZOEs and new deals are now on the table, but still without the battery pack buy option as base.

Now, buyers in France can choose long-term hire from €169 per month for 36 months, but with €2,975 down payment and €6,300 eco-bonus included. Then just 5000km/year or 3,100 miles of mileage is free.

Renault ZOE from €169 / month

On March 4, Renault ZOE will be available for long-term hire from €169 per month for 36 months and 15,000 km, following an initial down payment of €2,975, after deduction of the €6,300 eco-bonus including the Z.E. Access battery hire pack for 1250 km/quarter or about 5000km/year , this comprehensive offer includes:

  • the hire of a Renault ZOE Life, fitted with a charging cable, a Flexi Charger and a Green’Up Access plug, excluding installation costs,
  • the hire of a battery, including comprehensive assistance for all breakdowns, including energy failures.
For clients driving more kilometers, Renault ZOE will also be on offer as part of a long-term hire deal for €199 per month for 37 months and 37 500 km.

These offers are limited to private individuals.

Another option is to buy LIFE grade in a new offer from €15,190 with tax including €6,300 eco-bonus, but without battery.

Zoe Interior

Zoe Interior

A more progressive range structure

To add more clarity and consistency with the rest of its offering, Renault has reviewed the structure of the ZOE range. Three versions are now on offer: LIFE, ZEN and INTENS. Renault ZOE LIFE will be on offer for €15,190, including tax, excluding the battery hire and after deduction of the €6,300 eco-bonus. This makes Renault ZOE the most feature-rich electric vehicle on the market at this price, with the following equipment included as standard:

  • a Caméléon charger that accepts all charging powers, from 2 to 43 KW, for charging between 30 mn and 10 hours,
  • a charging cable on Wallbox and public Infrastructure,
  • a Flexi Charger,
  • a Green’Up Access plug, excluding the installation costs.

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