The Daily Ticker's Aaron Task and Rick Newman, columnist at Yahoo Finance, debate if Tesla's current investors have any tolerance for "growing pains" at the company - something the company has not had a lot of recently as its stock has surged 625% this past year.

Topics of concern were 'what if' the battery fires turned out to be a real thing, 'what if' an ongoing NHTSA investigation into one of the fires prompts a recall of "every car that Tesla has on the road," and issues that could arise at their new "Giga factory".

Thankfully, the piece is not a hatchet job on Tesla's evaluation, but rather more of a frank discussion with a lot of praise and hope for the future of the California auto maker.

The Daily Ticker's host sums it all up fairly well in closing the piece:

"...if anybody could do it, it would seem in this world, it would be Elon Musk.  Some would say, 'if you had a chance to bet on Tony Stark, wouldn't you do it?', and that is what shareholders are doing right now - betting on Elon Musk"

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