New York Transit's BYD 40-foot Electric Bus

New York Transit's BYD 40-foot Electric Bus

Last month, the first long-range, all-electric bus from BYD arrived in India.

According to press release, the bus achieves up to 24 hours of service on a single night-time charge.

The bus will be used in Bangalore, India in The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation fleet, which is the sole public bus transport provider for Bangalore.

Ramalinga Reddy The Karnataka State Minister of Transportation remarked:

“Operating electric buses not only to initialize and support new technologies, shows our respect to the city and urban residents with our social and environmental responsibility.”

Mr. Vishwas, Vice President of BYD India’s distribution partner, Utopia, stated:

"We are very bullish on the prospect of new energy vehicles in India. We look forward to working with BYD to promote the popularization of new energy vehicles."

Mr. Liu Xueliang, GM of BYD’s Asia-Pacific Group, commented:

"BYD is offering zero-emission, electrified public transportation solutions to the whole world. We are very excited to work with partners like BMTC and Utopia to put India’s first electric bus into operation. It will not only contribute to the new energy vehicle development and application in Karnataka state but the whole of India."

Bangalore has huge problems with air quality and, according to the press release, the bus fleet there currently emits up to 20% of the city's total exhaust.  So, it makes sense that the city is experimenting with EVs now.

"Given the difference of the electric price and diesel price, the BYD electric bus is not only zero emission but also has high economic value. Traditional diesel buses consume 0.55 L of diesel per kilometer in India, but by comparison, BYD's 40 foot all-electric bus only consumes about 1 Kwh electric per kilometer (with no HVAC). The results are that millions in cost savings can be realized in Bangalore."

The Indian government aims to put in place as many as 6-7 million new energy vehicles by 2020, but realization of that goal probably will not be easy task.

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