Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

According to latest report on EVs, the number of registrations of pure electric cars in Europe plunged by 46% from 5,371 in December to 2,948 in January.

Over one third of EV sales comes from Norway where 1,099 new EVs were registered last month. 15 other West Europeean markets ’shared the remaining 1,849 electric cars registered.

"After a promising-looking brief interlude of comparative buoyancy during last year’s closing months, proof to some that Europe’s electric car market does have a pulse after all, since the start of this year these first faint signs of life have weakened again."

eagleAID is saying that this data pours buckets of ice cold water on the electric car industry’'s fanciful idea that today's European motorists are gradually beginning to show serious interest in US.

But as we all know, December's results were higher than usual because of time-limited government tax benefits on some markets like in the Netherlands.

Source: eagleAID

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