EcoCentre, a Southern California-based electric vehicle startup, showed up at the recent Abilities Expo in Los Anglese with its latest EV.

Called Eco-M, this EV is designed specifically for wheelchair-bound individuals.

As KTLA reports:

"The Eco-M offers an unprecedented level of personal mobility without having to depend on assistance from friends, family or public transportation."



While we love the idea, we're put off by what seems to be a way too high price: $19,975.

According to EcoCentre:

"The Eco-M is an easy-to-use car that enables the user to roll their own wheelchair (or the custom wheelchair specifically designed for the Eco-M) from the remote controlled rear hatch, onto a special bracket and floor catch that locks the wheelchair securely in place. The Eco-M has a maximum speed of 25 mph, which makes it ideal for any residential community, and a range of 55 miles. The Eco-M can be charged from a standard household electrical socket (110V) in 6-8 hours."

So, it's a very low-speed EV, yet somehow it's nearly $20,000.  If interested, EcoCentre is taking orders now for Eco-M.  Learn more about EcoCentre and Eco-M at the automaker's website here.

Finally, Eco-Centre says:

"The Eco-M is part of a fleet of electric cars from EcoCentre, which includes a 2-seater car, the Eco-E, the EcoVan and EcoTruck. EcoCentre is the nation’s first automobile dealership network dedicated to environmentally friendly fleet and consumer vehicles."

Source: KTLA

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