Atlanta area has become home to over 7,000 Electric Vehicles. This did not happen overnight.

During the first generation of GM EV1, there had been a few cars roaming the I-85 and taking advantage of HOV lane access. Even two Costco stores had chargers installed (they are gone now, but the cable is still underground).  We all know how that ended.

Where it started again was when NISSAN LEAF was introduced in 2011 and people began finding out more about the advantages of driving an electric vehicle. A lot of those purchasing decisions had to do with a $5000 Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) tax credit. This credit helped early adopters get into vehicles and become ambassadors of the EV world; which lead to more and more people realizing how rewarding it was to own an Electric Car.

Today there are many models of EVs on Metro Atlanta Roads. But all of it can come to an end if a proposal by Representative Chuck Martin to amend an original bill - HB 257 passes on Monday. It has already cleared the Tax Subcommittee and is headed to the House floor on Monday.

We ask everyone who drives an EV, knows someone who drives an EV or perhaps is thinking about driving an EV to watch this video and call your Georgia State Representative and Senator to stop this attack on Electric Vehicles and stop HB 257. Killing it as soon as April 1st, 2014 does not help anyone. Please get involved and help save Georgia EVs.

Editor's Note:  Our thanks to Michael for taking the time and effort to highlight this issue, and Jason Bass for the making of the video.  The above video is produced by Jason Bass, a member of EV Club of the South.

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