Hitachi is transferring and integrating Hitachi Vehicle Energy design and research/development operations over to Hitachi Automotive Systems on April 1, 2014.

Hitachi Li-Ion Battery

Hitachi Li-Ion Battery

What this means is that all of Hitachi's in-house lithium-ion battery programs will operate under one division.

Hitachi says that this integration will allow it to strengthen its position as a lithium-ion battery developer and manufacturer.

"The aim of the move is to optimize synergies involved in the development and design of electric powertrains, while at the same time strengthening the ability to develop technologies for improving battery performance."

Hitachi Automotive will now have the ability to develop and manufacture battery control technology, electric drive vehicle system control technology, software technologies, battery management systems and electronic controllers within one division.

Furthermore, Hitachi says that this high level of integration will allow it to improve its pace in developing next-generation battery technology.

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