According to Teslarati, "ButtonWillow Raceway is a 3.1 mile long road course near Bakersfield, California. The turns throughout the course look deceptively simple, but surely are not. We’ve never seen so many cars spin out and lose control before on any track."

This video shows a Tesla Model S lapping ButtonWillow Raceway.  For full details on the event, check out this Teslarati post.

If only interested in some of the details, then here they are:

  • Top Speed: 113 mph
  • Lowest Optimal Tire Pressure (20” G-Force Rivals): 35 hot
  • Max Later G: approx. 1.5
  • Run Group: Green (Intermediate) with “Extreme Speed Track Events”
  • Best Lap Time: 2:19.681 (for comparison, the fastest car in the class was 2:11 and the slowest – 2:33)
  • Best Place in the Class: 12
  • Lap Time Slip after Model S Power Limitation: 7 seconds

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