It's come to our attention that global Tesla Model S sales have surpassed the 25,000-unit milestone.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

For Tesla, that figure is worthy of celebration, so we hope the automaker puts out some material marking this achievement so that the world knows that Tesla has done what some believed to be impossible just a few years back.

Using our sales figures, we can say that global Model S sales are above 25,000.  Here's that breakdown:

~17,650 Model S sold in US in 2013

~2,650  Model S sold in US in 2012

1,194 Model S sold in the Netherlands in 2013

1,983 Model S sold in Norway in 2013

~610 Model S sold in Canada in 2013

+ ~1,000 additional Model S sold in rest of Europe


We believe that figure is slightly conservative, which means it's on the low side and there could actually be upwards of 26,000 Model S sedans on roads around the globe, especially given we are a week and a  half into 2014 now as well.  In this case, the specific number doesn't really matters, as there are at least 25,000 electric Tesla sedans in circulation as of right now.

So, congrats to Tesla for achieving that milestone.


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