Ever wonder why carbon fiber was chosen for use throughout the BMW i8?

Perhaps you're questioning whether or not it was a wise decision on BMW's behalf to make use if an expensive and difficult of manufacture textile in the i8.

The answers to most of your carbon fiber/BMW i8 related questions are found in this video in which BMW explains the i8's carbon fiber construction in rather simplistic terms.

For example, did you know that the weight of the i8's battery is basically offset by the automaker's use of carbon fiber?

This video in the latest in an ongoing series of i8 video where BMW dumbs down the development/design/manufacturing of the plug-in hybrid so that all can understand what's in play.

We rather enjoy this series put forth by BMW, as it makes it simple for those who don't understand the complexities to at least get a grasp of what BMW is doing with its i8.

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