Nissan LEAF Getting A Free Charge

Nissan LEAF Getting A Free Charge

Last September, Nissan launched a LEAF incentive program called "No Charge to Charge" in certain regions of Texas.

That program, which makes charging at NRG eVgo Texas Freedom Station network free of charge for 12 months for LEAF owners, is now being credited with boosting LEAF sales substantially in several key metro areas of Texas.

As Nissan says, sales of the LEAF were up by 500% in some Texas cities, an increase the automaker links to its "No Charge to Charge" program.

However, it's come to our attention that several of these NRG eVgo stations are "out of order."

The Freedom Station network consists of 23 stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and 17 stations in Houston.

The "No Charge to Charge" program ends on March 31, 2014, but with reports pouring in on the "out of order" status of what seems to be a majority of these Freedom Stations, we suggest you check to see if any of the units near you are functional prior to taking advantage of this deal, which may turn out to be a non deal if the "free" chargers won't charge your LEAF.

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