Fremont, California, home of Tesla Motors, now has over 1,000 electric vehicles registered city wide.

Rebates Issued by Year in Fremont

Rebates Issued by Year in Fremont

According to the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), nearly 30% of the EVs registered in Alameda County, California are located in Fremont.

As the graph on the right shows, EV popularity skyrocketed last year.  In 197 CVRP rebates were handed out in Fremont.  That number jumped to 643 in 2013.

As The Fremont Patch reports:

"From 2012 to 2013, the percentage of rebates jumped to over 300 percent in the city from 197 rebates in 2012 to 643 rebates given in 2013. To date, the total value of rebates for Fremont EV owners is $2,295,320 for 1,010 electric vehicles equaling $2,273 for the average rebate."

The full rebate amount of $2,500 is issued to passenger (highway-legal) BEVs, so since the average rebate was $2,273, then most of those 1,010 vehicles were BEVs.  Lesser rebates of $1,500 are given out for PHEVs and even lower amounts for electric motorcycles.

Source: Fremont Patch

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