1,100 and done.

Fit EV

Fit EV

Honda Fit EV production will be halted this fall when the automaker produces its 1,100th Fit EV:

"The 2014 model year will end early this fall, marking the end of production of the Fit EV."

Says Honda, via a letter sent to a potential Fit EV lessee, who later posted it (see below) on the Honda Fit EV Drivers Facebook group page.

From Honda EV Sales

Thank you for your email and your interest in the Fit EV. Honda dealers received a significant increase in customer interest in the Fit EV when we announced the updated lease program in June. As a result, many dealers are maintaining lists of customers who want to lease the Fit EV. Most are reporting that their list is quite long.

Fit EV Interior

Fit EV Interior

Honda introduced the Fit EV with an announced volume of 1,100 units over two model years. The 2014 model year will end early this fall, marking the end of production of the Fit EV. Honda will continue to produce and distribute to authorized Fit EV dealers about 40 Fit EV's per month until that time. While I understand your request for clarity about the timing and/or likelihood of leasing the Fit EV, it depends on a variety of factors such as customer ability or desire to wait for the car that are beyond our ability to predict. Honda's experience with wait lists is that they eventually subside, though this appears to not be the case for the Fit EV.

Thank you again for your interest in the Honda Fit EV.

1,100 and done.  Honda is sticking to what it announced a couple of years ago, despite high demand for its fun-to-drive pure EV.  The decision to reduce the lease (to $259) and allow unlimited mileage along with some insurance cost exemptions make the little Honda extremely popular - to say the least.  (Fit EV lease announcement and details can be found here)

With the Fit EV being halted this fall, Honda will be left without a BEV to compete in the growing segment.

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