Alphabet, one of Europe's business mobility specialists, says that increased involvement from major automakers in the EV space is driving up the credibility and appeal of electric vehicles.;

According to Alphabet, the recent entrance of major players such as Volkswagen and BMW is leading us towards a crucial tipping point when fleets will make the change to electric.

Alphabet says that the tipping point comes sometime next year and that the "tide is certainly turning in favor of electric vehicles."

As Paul Hollick, Alphabet’s Chief Commercial Officer, stated:

“From our perspective, the tide is certainly turning in favour of electric vehicles.  The recent Autumn Statement (5th December 2013) launched a further £5m investment for public sector fleets to embrace EV technology, while driverless cars are also moving firmly up the agenda. In Norway, the top-selling cars in September and October were electric — the Tesla Model S and Nissan Leaf respectively all of which suggests that we are reaching a crucial tipping point in terms of EV acceptance.”

Speaking in regards to the UK, Hollick adds:

“We’re confident that, with support from the corporate and public sectors, the adoption of EVs will more than double, from 4,200 to 10,000, over the next three years."

Alpha Electric Smart ED

Alpha Electric Smart ED

Why's Alphabet so interested in the success of EVs?  Well, Alphabet launched its industry-first EV fleet consultancy service, AlphaElectric, back in October 2013.

The EV uptake among fleets in the UK has been lower than expected, so Alphabet is hoping that a turnaround comes soon.

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