Canada does not yet have a Tesla Supercharger (the company says they are coming in early 2014- starting with London, Ontario), but there are some public high power Level 2 units that are free to use.

These Sun Country Highway chargers put out up to 70 amps, which means that a duel-charger equipped Tesla Model S can fill up rather quickly at one of these stations for free.

As Kman Auto states:

"Supercharger Destination: Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. 2 Sun Country J1772 HIGH POWER Bays. 70 AMP Charging Stations."

There's "no cost to charge, parking is free for hotel guests, non guests it is $15/all day. 3 reserved EV spots," adds Kman.

So, if you're a Model S owner and in need of a jolt in the Nigara Falls, Ontario area, then perhaps these are the chargers you should seek out.

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