David Cameron, Prime Minister of the UK, says that his cabinet may become the first in the world to swap out executives limos for electric vehicles.

Nissan LEAFs in the UK

Nissan LEAFs in the UK

The idea is that ministers in the UK will lead by example, so ditching the traditional limos in favor of EVs should convince the public there that plug-ins are ready for primetime.

This makes perfect sense to us, especially since the UK is trying to promote EV growth, despite the public showing little interest.

According to the Standard, a source within the cabinet stated:

“We already have hybrid cars in the ministerial fleet.  Why shouldn’t the ministerial car fleet become one of the first test-beds for the widespread roll-out of electric cars?”

Treasury minister Danny Alexander is claimed to be a strong supporter of electric vehicle and is perhaps the driving force behind this limos-to-EVs plan.

The plan is tentatively reported to start in Spring, though details have not yet been released.

If you reside in the UK and happen to see high-ranking officials driving electric vehicles instead of limos, know that it's all part of a grand plan to convince buyers to buy more EVs.

Source: The Standard

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