It's was confirmed awhile back that the partnership between BMW and Toyota sill spawn a sports car to be sold by both automakers.

A speculative artist rendering of what Toyota's version might look like is seen above.

Details are scare on the BMW-Toyota, but since this vehicle is perhaps three years from launch, we get the sense that it'll almost have to be electrified in some way.

As Motor Trend suggests:

BMW i8 Cutaway

BMW i8 Cutaway

"Naturally aspirated, supercharged, and turbocharged versions are reportedly being considered, but atmospheric induction is the most likely because it probably will be paired with electric motors."

But will it plug in?  Our guess is yes.

Motor Trend adds:

"Our source tells us Toyota has been working on an all-wheel-drive GT86 equipped with front in-wheel motors and that this setup could make it into the new BMW-Toyota sports car."

My source (which actually means the thoughts that are rolling around inside my head) says this vehicle will ride on a Toyota platform (a stretched GT86 setup seems most likely) and will feature a powertrain similar to the BMW i8, but toned down for sure.  Less all-electric range seems a given to reduce costs so that Toyota/Lexus doesn't end up with a $80,000-plus sports car that nobody will buy.

The price, at least for BMW's version, will undercut the i8 by tens of thousands, but it'll still perform like a BMW and will likely be more ordinary than the i8.

Will the resulting BMW by called an i?  We don't think so, as BMW would probably rather not have Toyota associated with any of its i offerings.

So, what will it be called?  Perhaps a 6 Series?

Source: Motor Trend

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