Nissan LEAF in Bhutan

Nissan LEAF in Bhutan

“This is a very initial step.”

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn stated of the LEAF's entry into Bhutan.

“We obviously want to sell a lot of LEAFs, but it’s still early to talk about how many.”

The problem is that in order to "sell a lot of LEAFs" in Bhutan, Nissan will have to aggressively price it.

As Bloomberg says:

" its starting U.S. advertised price of $28,800 (editor's note: 2014 base LEAF has increased to $28,980), the LEAF is more than 12 times Bhutan’s per capita income, according to World Bank data."

Bloomberg quotes Bhutanese resident Ngawang Rinchen as saying:

“Only highly-paid people can afford a car.  First I want to support my family, then myself and then the government.”

The majority of the vehicle on the roads of Bhutans are the cheapest econo-boxes available.

Another Bhutanese resident by name of Jigme is quoted by Bloomberg as saying:

“Will the electric cars be cheap?  If not, then it won’t make a difference.”

So, unless Nissan slashes perhaps ten thousand dollars or more off the LEAFs price, it will be beyond the means of Bhutanese buyers.

Source: Bloomberg

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