ClipperCreek introduced one more charging solution this month.

Meet the HCS-40 single & dual pedestal mounted charging stations.  The greatest asset of these units have to be a low cost.

Depending on the version, HCS-40 can have one or two 240V 30A outputs with 25 feet of charging cable and J1772 plug to charge up to two cars at the same time and another two from a 120V outlets added as a bonus.

"This new low cost charging system provides commercial consumers with the option of mounting 1 or 2 rugged 240V charging stations to a single pedestal, and up to two additional 120V outlets, giving customers the option to charge four vehicles from one post."

Single Mount starts from $1,309 and Dual Mount from $2,059.

ClipperCreek’s CEO, Jason France, stated:

“By creating a low cost, dual point pedestal charging station, we have provided commercial consumers an option to double the number of parking lot stations with minimal additional cost. This is great news for our fleet customers or any company that wants to offer parking lot EV charging as an amenity.”

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