Tesla Motors continue its trend of hiring former Apple employees with the addition of Rich Heley to the automaker's executive team.

Rich Heley Signs On With Tesla

Rich Heley Signs On With Tesla

Heley was previously responsible for heading up Apple's alloy engineering division and is claimed to be responsible for assisting with the design of the manufacturing process for the iPod and iPhone.

Heley assumes the role of Senior Director for Manufacturing Technology at Tesla where his duties will include "conforming the manufacturing process to the best possible design without compromise” and “bringing the fit, finish and materials used to a level unprecedented in the automotive industry as well as continuing to advance the performance and efficiency through advances in manufacturing,” according to ValueWalk.

Heley had only spent a short time with Apple.  His work started at Apple in September 2013, and Tesla reportedly hired him sometime in November.

Tesla's Doug Field, Vice President of Vehicle Programs, formerly worked at Apple as did George Blankenship, Tesla's head of retail and marketing operations who retired recently.

Source: ValueWalk

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