DENSO Testing Wireless Charging System

DENSO Testing Wireless Charging System

DENSO, as a member of the Toyota Group, follows Toyota in development of wireless charging.

The Japanese automotive components manufacturer announced use of wireless charging to power on-board refrigerators of commercial vehicles (currently with ICE engine).

The ten-month trial will begin in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan on 24 February and the goal is to identify any potential operational issues and to look at ways to enhance the convenience of wireless charging.

"For the test, DENSO has equipped a Yamato Transport delivery truck with a power receiver that will wirelessly receive the energy from a power transmission pad located on the pavement of a 7-Eleven convenience store parking lot. The electricity charged in the truck’s battery is then used to power the refrigeration system while the engine is stopped during pickups and deliveries. Not only will the system improve convenience, but it will also help reduce emissions of refrigeration trucks since the battery will continue to power the refrigeration system even when the engine is off."

Commercialization is planned by 2020 as DENSO is working to reduce the size, weight, and cost of the system, while looking to enhance convenience.

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