The official data is in: only 3 plug-in vehicles are registered in all of Singapore.

And One ActiveE

And One ActiveE

Those vehicles, a Tesla Roadster, a retrofitted BMW (possibly a BMW ActiveE) and a three-wheeled Corbin Sparrow are the only non field trials EVs registered in Singapore out of a total vehicle population of 618,000.

This data comes to us via Asia One who states the following:

"Battery-powered vehicles arrived in Singapore two years ago, but motor traders cite high costs and the unavailability of charging infrastructure as the main reasons for the near-zero take-up by consumers. To date, four manufacturers have brought in electric models for a test-bedding exercise led by the Energy Market Authority (EMA)."

Those four manufacturers include Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Smart.  Apparently, 71 "test-bed" EVs are on the roads of Singapore today, but those vehicles don't get included in official registration data.

In a future report, we'll cover why Singapore is a perfect place for EVs and we'll discuss what's being done there right now to increase EV uptake.

3 today...but soon there will be thousands.

Source: Asia One

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